Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Her Heart Ran Out of Beats

We said goodbye to Callie today, our grey Indian Runner Duck.  We raised Callie from a day old duckling and she was the steadfast friend of our half-blind duck Kate.  Callie had been a bit slow to return to the coop a few days ago and yesterday I noticed that her eyes looked off.  When I saw her nested up inside the coop last evening instead of outside with the other ducks making the most of the last few seconds of sunlight, I had a feeling that her time was near - she was pretty old for a duck - almost six.  Sure enough, I found Callie this morning in the exact same place and exact same position as I left her last night; as Ian explained, "her heart simply ran out of beats".

RIP Callie.  You were an excellent forager and a special part of Kate, Emma and Abby's flock.  You will be missed as you move on to greener pastures and clearer ponds.  We are sad to see you go, old friend.

Tuesday, 27 July 2021

A Clean Kitchen Makes a Happy Canner

We took Mother Nature up on her offer to water our gardens and instead spent our day in the kitchen.  It was high time for a thorough de-clutter and clean before canning season starts in earnest.

With help from the boys, I cleaned out inside all the cupboards and wiped down all the cabinetry.  We still have to clean out the fridge and clean behind the stove but we are well on our way!

This is not a moment too soon, as Ian got right down to business this evening canning the beets Liam picked and prepared.

There is nothing nicer than working in a clean and organized space.  Here's to many more happy canning adventures in the days to come.

Monday, 26 July 2021

A Refreshing Dip

It was the perfect summer day for a swim.  While all the human members of our family headed over to our next door neighbours' backyard pool for an after dinner dip, Abby the duck was perfectly happy to take a swim in her algae-free duck pond.  It sure looks like she is enjoying the clean, cold water on this hot July day.

Sunday, 25 July 2021

Truly Happy

Today I was truly happy.  It was an easy day: child care was split evenly, the farm chores got done, the gardens are well watered and weeded, the bees have been inspected, we ate healthily, Ali and I went walking, and Ian and I started a new tradition of monthly at-home date night dinners.  

We (well, mostly I) have decided that once a month we will feed the kids first, put them to bed, and then we will switch off making a special date night dinner just for us.  Ian took the first turn tonight, preparing me a lovely Tokyo-inspired dinner of fresh spring rolls, sushi and grilled prawns with homemade peanut satay sauce.  We had golden honeydew melon for dessert and polished off a bottle of wine.  It was perfect.  

Liam helping me scrub the algae out of the water buckets and duck ponds.

Ali and I went for a relaxing afternoon stroll.

A beautifully set table - beeswax candle and everything!

Here's to hoping that my future holds more days like today.  Now to figure out what I am going to serve on August 25th....

Saturday, 24 July 2021

Bring on the Rain

It was a quiet, relaxing and perfectly lovely Saturday here on Gael Glen Farm.  We set our garlic and shallot harvest out to cure. 

We tilled the now empty garden plots and succession planted broccoli, cabbage, radishes and greens.

We did hive checks and treated for varroa to get the mite populations until control before the queens begin laying the hives’ winter bees.  We are back up to five healthy queen-right hive and everything looks great.

All this and we still had everyone tucked in safe and dry before tonight’s rain.  It is looking like we won’t have to water the gardens tomorrow!

Friday, 23 July 2021

From our Bonfire to the Full Moon

A roaring bonfire with friends, a bright full moon and an ice cream cake extravaganza; it was the perfect way to round out the week and ring in Ian's 40th.  Happy Birthday Sweetheart from all of us who love you from our bonfire to the full moon...(around the ISS and then back).

Thursday, 22 July 2021


Multi-tasking mamas do what we need to do to get the job done.  Sometimes that means calling in reinforcements.  Liam was my right hand man today helping with weeding, watering and the garlic harvest.

Two-thirds done.

It also means playing horsey while simultaneously weeding the kitchen garden.  Not the easiest thing I have ever done but whatever works, right? Neigh.

FYI: That is raspberry juice smeared all over his face, not blood.
This cowboy loves raspberries!